Press Pass

It’s been a few little things that have made me decide to make a go of photography, one of which was getting a press pass for a local festival.

Long Division is a music festival, with bands playing at venues around Wakefield city centre. The first one, last year, was a success. I loved it because it was a fraction of the price of some of the big summer festivals, you don’t spend all day up to your knees in mud and I can walk (stagger) home from it and sleep in my own bed.

Last year I took a few snaps with my mobile phone and put them on Flickr. To my great surprise, someone got in touch, saying they were putting together a presentation on the festival and asking if they could use my photos. Given how many people had a press pass, or just a huge camera, I thought my efforts were well below the standard that should be available, but remembered this year and emailed the organiser.

I ended up with a press pass for this year’s festival and as well as enjoying the music, getting around all the venues during the day, took some shots which I’m really happy with and which I found out later that at least a couple of the acts liked as well.

Spending a day as a ‘proper’ photographer also made me realise that I have views on how a photographer should act and I think I have the start of a style, which I’ll write about another time. Contact with the organisers afterwards was good too but also made me think I needed a better way of editing shots than the playing on my iPad i’d been doing previously.



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