When I first started taking photographs, the ones I took that people liked were always landscapes or animals. I could take a family portrait without cutting anyone’s head off, but that was about it.

What I seem to have developed a knack for more recently (can you develop a knack?) is taking pictures of people that, while they are far from special, are generally ones that the person in the photo likes. Regardless of anyone else liking them, as someone who has only ever liked half a dozen pictures of me, the best compliment I can get on a portrait I’ve taken is when they are used as a profile pictures on Twitter or Facebook or similar.

Love it or hate it, social media is important and your profile, particularly the picture, is how you’re presenting yourself to the world, so having my photographs as how a dozen or so people choose to do that is very flattering.

It’s only a little thing, they aren’t arty and as I say they aren’t stunning, but it does always make me smile, so here are a few that made me and the subject happy.


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