Much as the profiles are a pleasant compliment, they’re unlikely to develop either talent or reputation, so a friend who’s done some modelling before got me onto a website for budding photographers, models, make up artists, retouchers etc.

One of the highlights of the site so far have been getting asked if I was a photographer or a model by one short sited, or excessively polite, individual. The other was discovering that there are people who seem quite happy to describe themselves as ‘retouchers’, which coming from a legal background just makes me think of repeat offenders of a particularly unpleasant offence.

Much as I’ve had some positive discussions about doing shoots with models on there for a while, it wasn’t until recently that one actually came off. The problem has been that there’s so often something else that comes up, including for me. There’s also a tendency to be a bit non-committal. To be fair to them, a lot are attractive young women so they’re right to be a bit careful, but there’s nothing to stop a chaperone attending too, so the nutters that are no doubt on the site and turn up to a shoot with a camera phone should not pose as much of a threat!

What I’ve found overcame this was posting a clear idea on the site of “I want to do this” and let the models, male and female, contact me. It’s shown a bit of imagination, it’s a bit different and it’s meant people fancy doing it for ‘free’ in return for some different shots for their portfolios.

To be critical of myself, I should have thought of doing it earlier. I’m a Solicitor – my whole business model is based on “I do this and I’m good, contact me if you want my services” so my previous door-to-door salesman technique of meeting prospective models was never going to be the best plan.

So I now have a project to focus on, have already started it off with a couple of shoots, one of which I’m really happy with and a few people lined up to do more shoots with for it.

A bit more about the project next time.


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