Never work with children or animals?

Or, alternatively, do both on your first ever proper photoshoot!

Thats not to take away from when I’ve taken photos of people before, particularly one friend who’s done some modelling, but previously i’d always met people at least once before so this certainly felt like a first time.

The title’s also only accurate in a limited, legal sense as the model was 17 and in no way childish and the dog was lovely, but all the same I could perhaps have picked a more straightforward shoot for starters at first glance.

It was incredibly easy though. I didn’t want to direct much if at all, as me barking out orders was never going to help it look like someone was really walking a dog. I wouldn’t want to compete with the dog either.

My first attempt at doing a shoot for this project with a friend was a simple matter of hoovering – but I said there was no need to have the hoover actually on and the result was that it just didn’t look like she was hoovering! Obvious now and my friend even said so at the time, but my wonderful politeness meant a refusal to invite a friend round to not only pose for me but also do a bit of hoovering for me – and led to pictures that just weren’t up to scratch.

I am much happier with the ones from this and should hopefully be posting more shortly.


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