This project I’ve talked about a couple of times. It’s nothing earth shattering but I like it and it seems a few other people do as well, going by the initial reaction I’ve had.

I’m delighted and frankly amazed that people are ever happy posing for me and the number of people who have said they’d like to join in with this is fantastic. The more the merrier too so do shout if you read this and it takes your fancy as well.

I’ve called it Divine Mundanity. It’s a rubbish name, but I wanted to call it something and it’s at least descriptive if nothing else. I am trying to create a collection of shots of people dressed up in their finest, be it a ballgown, three piece suit, clubbing gear or lingerie, but doing everyday tasks.

I haven’t got as many under my belt as I’d hoped to from my week off, but a couple (walking a dog and hoovering) are shot and edited and more (loading a dishwasher, ironing, queueing for a bus) are lined up and more being arranged.

I like the idea for a few reasons, none of which I mind admitting.

First, for me, doing a series means I only have to be really happy with one photo from each shoot. Obviously out of pride and wanting to do a decent job for the model I’d want a few to share, but for the ultimate goal of exhibiting I only need one. It takes the pressure off making every shot perfect and means I can play around more with settings during shoots and not worry too much about missing something.

Secondly and most importantly it means people can wear something they like and feel good in. People like dressing up, well, most do.

I love contrasts and it’s a natural way of making people stand out. It’s just a case of matching the right person and outfit with the right activity. Oh and the small matter of making the best of people too.

The idea did come from a photograph, but I’ll not say which one or show it until I’m happy with the collection I’ve put together (or given up on it, but I don’t give up on much).

Do shout if you fancy joining in!


2 comments on “Project

  1. fearfulpenguin says:

    Ooh, sounds fun, I’d be happy to join in! 🙂

  2. kwate says:

    ohh yeah sounds fun count me in

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