Back to Basics

I think I’ve taken some decent photos. I’ve also taken a good number of bad ones and some of the good ones have been accidental, but overall I reckon I’m improving.

As well as the project I’ve described below, I’m also now involved in a semi-secret one with a friend and now take the publicity photos for work. All mean taking pictures of people, generally strangers, but needing very different styles, so I’m learning.

The main thing I’ve learnt is that I’m not very good. Technically. Taking them for work has been the first time I’ve had a specific requirement put on me rather than me deciding what to do and how to present shots. It’s not a strange requirement. It’s probably very easy as soon as I work out how to do it, but I’ve not been able to yet despite having been playing with editing software for various other effects previously.

It is, simply, to have a white background.

Not cream, not magnolia, not even alabaster. White.

So I’ve picked somewhere to take the shot with plain white backgrounds, tried with and without a flash, changed settings on the camera to lighten the background without making the subject looking like an extra from Twilight.

Not white enough.

I’ve lightened in editing, used various approaches and while I’m sure I’m missing some, changing the settings I know to make it appear that the subject is the only part with colour in it.

Still not white.

It can’t be difficult. I know you can do it to pretty much any photo as the person at work who does the website can send photos off to have this done to them. but I can’t, yet.

It’s a little thing but I feel utterly useless when I can take what I consider good photographs but can’t produce a plain white area.

I’ll go have another go